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Discovery Channel's 'Heavy Rescue: 401' premieres Tuesday

Last Updated Jan 3, 2017 at 10:34 pm EDT

(Discovery Channel)

A familiar highway is the focus of a brand new show premiering on Discovery Channel on Tuesday evening.

‘Heavy Rescue: 401’ premieres at 10 p.m. EST and is all about our nation’s busiest highway– the 401.

John Allen is one of the stars of the show and says it follows Ontario Provincial Police and tow plow operators, like himself.

“The show is all about what it takes to keep the 401 open and have traffic flowing. Everybody has somewhere to be, and the show hopefully gives awareness on what we do out on the highway to keep things moving for everyone.”

Photo of John Allen, one of the star's of Heavy Rescue: 401. (Discovery Channel)

Allen says the series ‘Heavy Rescue: 401’ starting filming throughout southern Ontario last year.

“We spread out filming on the 401 [and other nearby 400 series highways]- everywhere from Cornwall to Sarnia, Hamilton to Barrie, and through the GTA and Waterloo Region in both directions. There’s a whole vast crew of guys from different neighbourhoods and with different jobs, who all have the same goal of clearing issues on highways including the 401.”

Allen says the show also gives us an inside look at our province’s heavy recovery operators, as well as the Ministry of Transportation’s massive control centre.

You can learn more about the stars of ‘Heavy Rescue: 401’ by clicking here.