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Kitchener's Borealis Wind wins national grant for work on climate change

Image from borealiswind.com

Borealis Wind has won $50,000 for solving the problem of wind turbine blade icing. It’s all part of their plan for making renewal energy reliable.

It’s part of Shell Canada’s Quest Climate Grant. Two other groups from Calgary and Toronto are part of the trio that’ll walk away with extra cash for their cause.

For Borealis, the problem results in loss of power and revenue for wind farms. Their solution was an internal blade heating retrofit installed inside the blades that de-ices them in under 90 minutes.

Daniela Roeper is the Founder of the Kitchener-based company. She tells 570 News that money will go a long way. “The 50 thousand dollars probably doesn’t sound like a lot to a company as big as Shell, but for us it’s going to help us tremendously.”

Roeper adds the grant is important because it shows young people their ideas are worth pursuing, especially when it comes to climate change. “A lot of young people think they have no power or there’s nothing they can do, but the fact that there are opportunities out there tells young people that they can make a difference.”

You might of heard of Roeper’s Borealis Wind back in August. They took home $40K at Communitech’s Fierce Founders Pitch Competition.