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Aeryon Labs unveils reliability lab: Hangar 18

Last Updated Nov 16, 2016 at 6:46 pm EDT

Photo by Leah Johansen

Aeryon Labs is unveiling their latest $3 million project: Hangar 18.

The state-of-the-art lab prepares small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) for all conditions the field may throw at them.

Instead of dealing with environmental learning curves in the field, Aeryon Labs now has an indoor test facility, ensuring their drones can handle potentially harsh conditions.

“We have everything from dust, and water, to vibration chambers, to thermal drop testing,” says president and CEO Dave Kroetsch. “Basically everything the product could see in the real-world, but we can test it all in accelerated fashion.”

Kroetsch says it’s important their drones work every time as they are often used by police agencies, fire departments and the military.

“We’ve been used in traffic accident reconstruction every day by the OPP for example,” says Kroetsch. “If there is a traffic accident on the 401 they use our drones to take the reconstruction, measuring the skid marks and that type of thing, they’ve taken it from an hour and a half to fifteen minutes.”

Last month, OPP used one of their drones to find a missing man in Perth County who was suffering from dementia and hypothermia.

“In applications such as disaster response, we can do a 3-D model of a building, or look for survivors of a disaster without putting people in harm’s way,” says Kroetsch.

“It has to work right every time. That could be hot, cold, dusty, dirty, rainy, snowy; whatever the environment throws at us we have to build a system that can survive and be reliable in those conditions.”