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Trump's election means we could soon be seeing techies moving back to Waterloo Region

Photo courtesy of @JohnTory

After an intense U.S. Presidential Election we could soon be seeing a jump in techies looking to move back to Canada.

While it’s common for people in the tech industry to move to the U.S. looking for work, a Canadian initiative is hoping to bring them back.

Go North Canada works with a number of tech companies to find talent we’ve lost to the US, and connect them to companies here.

Heather Galt is leading the Go North Canada initiative at Communitech, she says they have been working alongside the U.S. election to attract talent back to our country.

“We were seeing slow, but steady traffic before the election, and we’ve seen a huge jump in traffic since the election,” says Galt.

She says Go North Canada saw nine times the number of people accessing their website.

“We think it’s really important to emphasize that yes, the election is maybe making the feelings of wanting to come back a little more acute, but the other thing is we’ve put some billboards up in the Valley about a week and a half before the election so we know we’ve been getting attention from those as well,” says Galt.

Go North Canada launched in June in San Francisco.

Galt says the number of people who subscribed to the website doubled on election night.

“Over and over again we hear great stories of how happy people are to come back, and how pleased they are, and how amazed they are with what’s going on, especially in K-W, with the tech community here and how much it’s growing.”