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BlackBerry unveils last in-house marketed, designed smartphone

Last Updated Oct 25, 2016 at 11:30 am EDT

Photo from BlackBerry.

BlackBerry released a new smartphone today — its second handset designed and built externally as the company focuses more on its security software.

China-based firm TCL Corporation designed and manufactured the DTEK60, an Android-powered device that runs BlackBerry-developed software.

The phone’s predecessor, the DTEK50, was launched three months ago and was the result of BlackBerry’s first such partnership with TCL.

The new phone sells for 650 dollars Canadian and boasts a bigger screen, longer battery life and a camera with greater resolution than the DTEK50.

There is still the possibility of one last BlackBerry-designed phone with a physical keyboard appearing on store shelves, but it is unclear if or when the company will launch that device.