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Group wants free public transit for the poor

Photo from Grand River Transit.

A push is on to get Waterloo Region to provide the poor with free public transit.

The group, Alliance Against Poverty, says currently the region provides a subsidy through the TRIP or Transit for Reduced Income Program, but it’s not good enough.

It says the fare is still unaffordable and that program has a waiting list of more than 475 people.

It says free public transit should be available to anyone who is covered under Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Plan.

Group member Regan Brusse says, “The inability for many marginalized individuals to access public transit due to the unaffordable fares is unacceptable.”

Brusse goes on to say, “Despite repeated requests to our region’s council to look into this issue, nothing has been done. The basic human right of communal access and mobility continues to be neglected.”

The group will make its pitch when it appears before council on Wednesday night.