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'Tim Hortons' in Kitchener closed after doe crashes through window

Last Updated Sep 19, 2016 at 9:04 pm EST

570 News/Lindsay Grisebach

A Tim Hortons in Kitchener was shut down for hours after a doe crashed through one of the store’s windows on Monday afternoon.

It was a scary situation for patrons at the Tim Hortons at 1000 Victoria Street North after the female deer jumped through the window around 12 p.m.

Gary Bose is with the KW Humane Society and says the doe died during the incident.

“The female deer had been hit by a vehicle near the Tim Hortons on Victoria Street, and it ran into the parking lot and briefly collided with another vehicle. From there, it went right through the window of the Tim Hortons and right inside. When we arrived, the deer was severely injured by either the vehicles or the window. We had to humanely euthanize the animal on site.”

“We’re not aware of any injuries to customers, staff was very proactive and got things closed down very quickly. We’re just reminding everyone to always be vigilant as we do have these types of wildlife nearby,” said Bose.

The Tim Hortons was closed for over 3 hours, and there is still no word on damages.

Meantime, this story has made a lot of noise on social media and has been shared on Twitter over 2,000 times.