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Fire department investigating explosion in Guelph storage locker

Last Updated Sep 5, 2016 at 5:03 pm EDT

(Lindsay Grisebach)

The Guelph Fire Department received several calls around 11:55 a.m. on Monday morning with reports of black smoke billowing from a building.

Others also reported feeling a blast shortly beforehand that shook their homes.

Guelph police and fire departments arrived on scene to find a five tonne truck and another vehicle in flames in the garage of a storage locker on Elizabeth Street between York Road and Victoria Road.

Deputy Fire Chief John Osborne says close to 30 fire fighters worked quickly to put out the localized blaze before it could spread.

“The crews made a quick attack on the vehicles to knock them down,” Osborne says, “Then they did an interior attack so that the fire didn’t spread into the building. There is very little damage to the building itself.”

He adds that they worked very closely with the owner of the building to ensure that no one’s personal property was damaged.

“We know that since it’s a self storage building, there’s a lot of peoples’ personal items in there. As far as we can ascertain right now though, there was no damage to the lockers.”

He was unable to comment on the cause of the explosion and an investigation is ongoing.

Damian Adamson was working in the building when the blast occurred.

“I was in the five tonne truck when the explosion happened,” says Adamson. “It was just scary. I ran, fast that was it. I lost all my ID, phone, everything.”

He and three other employees were working on the roof of the building and are believed to have been the only people in the area at the time.

No injuries were reported.