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Debrodniks now open on Strasburg Road in Kitchener

Photo from @debrodniksdonut

Debrodnik’s are serious about donuts.

It’s no joke they are concerned that people are getting used to a inferior product.

Over time, factory made donuts have pushed out the mom and pop donut store, but Debrodniks are trying to bring it back.

Stella is one of the co-owners of Dedrodnik’s and she says the key to a good donut is a fresh donut,

“A donut is meant to be eaten fresh”, Stella says, “when they are soft, fluffy and buttery, so that they melt in your mouth. There should be some flavour in the donut other than just sugars.”

There was a time, where the “home made” fresh donut ruled.

“They used to be fresh, they were fluffy and delicious. Growing up, all those little donut shops that we used to go to were all of a sudden dying off. If no one else is doing it, then why not step up and do it ourselves.”

The new location is on Strasburg Road in the Forest Glen Plaza.

They are now open, but these donuts tend to go fast, it would be a great idea to arrive early.