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Aeryon's drones to help with fire fight in northern Alberta

Last Updated May 11, 2016 at 6:12 am EDT

Photo from Aeryon Labs.

Drones made by Waterloo’s Aeryon Labs will be flying over northern Alberta to help coordinate the fire fighting effort.

It’s only the second time that Transport Canada has allowed drones special permission to fly in forest fire air space. That space is usually off-limits to any unmanned aircraft.

Aeryon won’t actually be flying the drones, that will be done by a company called Ventus Geospatial Inc.

They use the drones, with cameras and geothermal equipment, to spot where the fires are and help coordinate the effort.

In April, Aeryon’s drones were used to survey damage and coordinate relief efforts after a devastating earthquake in Ecuador.

with files from Jeff Pickel