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WLU's Lazaridis Institute partners with Deloitte and TMX Group to support growth of tech firms

Last Updated Apr 20, 2016 at 9:03 am EDT

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Wilfrid Laurier University’s Lazaridis Institute for the Management of Technology Enterprises has announced that they will collaborate with Deloitte Canada and TMX Group Limited to support Canadian technology companies.

Micheal Kelly is the Dean of the Lazaridis School and tells us about the partnership.

“It’s a fantastic partnership and our goal is to really develop the knowledge, connections and thought leadership relating to the growth of Canadian technology companies. Deloitte brings a tremendous reservoir of talent, network, knowledge and contacts– as does the TMX. These are two partners that are going to really help us deliver leading-edge programming on a national basis and really jumpstart some of the companies that have the potential to grow into globally-competitive technology companies.”

Kelly says he believes this collaboration will benefit the Lazaridis Insititute in a number of ways.

“If you look at the brand that is associated with these two organizations, they both have incredible networks and a long history of working with growth companies. I can’t imagine two better partners to have for the Institute as we start to develop and roll out programming.”

Kelly says with the support of organizations like Deloitte and TMX Group, the Lazaridis Institute is positioned to be a global leader in providing resources to empower companies to develop and implement their own plans for growth.

Kelly tells us he believes it’s important to continue to create initiatives like this and to try and improve our tech sector.

“One of the reasons behind the Institute, is that we’ve become really good at creating startups not only in Waterloo but also in Vancouver and Ottawa and elsewhere– but we don’t grow these companies and I don’t think we’re capturing the value and jobs in terms of wealth that we could, if we grew these companies on global markets and help them scale their operations– which is what the Lazaridis Institute is designed to do.”

Kelly says both Deloitte and TMX Group will provide expertise to support research, tools, peer-to-peer connections, and the collaborative networks being developed by the Lazaridis Institute.