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Pitch start-up idea to local investor using Uber Thursday

Last Updated Apr 7, 2016 at 6:33 am EDT

Hongwei Liu, Co-Founder of Kitchener's MappedIn.

Uber is offering a unique experience today; the opportunity for anyone in Waterloo Region to pitch their ideas to investors who’ve made a name for themselves.

All you have to do is order an Uber using the code PITCHKW and one of our region’s top CEO’s or investors will lend you their ears for 15 minutes.

Hongwei Liu co-founder of Kitchener’s MappedIn is a local entrepreneur you could be matched up with.

The project seems almost similar to CBC’s Dragons’ Den, an experience Liu had as a new entrepreneur.

He says he hopes to offer real-life advice for people looking to build a start-up, not just hand out funds as an investor like the Dragons.

“They’re operating on a level that I think is so far removed from the early-day struggles of actually starting a company. We’re a lot closer to that then they are, or they were, when I spoke to them. Hopefully that enables me to approach these problems in a different way, at a lower level.”

He says the most important thing when starting a business is making good connections.

“We’re always very open to sharing the lessons that we’ve learned, and also just hearing some of the problems you’re having and, do they sound like the problems we’ve had in the past, and can we help you solve that, or do I know somebody that would be perfect to help you with that?”

Liu says he likes using Uber because it’s easy and quick, and it’s tech-savvy very much like Waterloo Region.

“I think for consumers it’s a good thing. More choice is always good; a better price is always good. I have no doubt that Waterloo Region being such a strong tech community, and innovative entrepreneur community, that the local cab companies are not just going to roll-over.”