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BlackBerry may benefit from Apple's legal battle with FBI

Logo from BlackBerry.

News of the FBI’s so-called hacking of an Apple iPhone may have provided at least a modest boost for BlackBerry shareholders.

The Bureau brought in what it calls a “third party” to access the information on the phone of one of the people behind the San Bernadino, California shooting rampage back in December after Apple refused to help.

The news has raised questions about Apple’s security.

Kim Parlee, Vice President at TD Wealth Management, says Blackberry could benefit, because it claims to have greater security.

In fact, the Waterloo-based company did see a bump in share values, closing up 22-cents yesterday to $10.28.

Keep in mind though, Apple shares also closed higher, leading some analysts to suggest the storm cloud hovering over the tech giant has now blown over.

BlackBerry is set to release its 4th quarter financial results on Friday.