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Tesla co-founder joining board at Kitchener's Clearpath Robotics

Photo from @clearpathrobots.

Tesla co-founder joins Kitchener’s Clearpath Robotics board of advisors

Clearpath Robotics in Kitchener has announced that Marc Tarpenning is now a member of it’s advisory board.

Tarpenning is the co-founder of Tesla Motors, and will provide the Clearpath leadership team with entrepreneurial and technical insight as they accelerate the growth of their business and enter new markets with their self-driving vehicle technology.

Matt Rendall is CEO of Clearpath Robotics and tells 570 News that they are very excited to have Marc join their board of advisors.

“We have worked extensively with advisors since 2008, and the value that advisors bring to us as a young technology company in the region has been fundamental to our success. The addition of Marc to this board of advisors is really an important milestone for us.”

Rendall says that specifically, his team is looking forward to exploring Marc’s experience with bringing an automotive company to life.

“If you look at what Marc and his co-founders did for Tesla in terms of disrupting transportation and bringing electric vehicles to the market in a meaningful way, he is one of the best people in the world to help us as we grow our mission to bring self-driving vehicles into the industry, and we see what we do as also a disruption to transportation. So we think having Marc is going to allow us to operate fundamentally at a higher level.”

Rendall adds that he believes this is a significant sign of growth for their company.

“It’s a great signal to say the things that Clearpath are passionate about and working on are very exciting to the people that understand the problems experienced in transportation and the fact that we’re able to attract the talent that Marc Tarpenning is definitely a really positive thing for Clearpath and the region.”

Rendall says he believes that Waterloo Region is the perfect place for innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

“Uniquely, the region is positioned for hardware flavoured technology start-ups. Waterloo Region has done a tremendous job over the last few years of getting on the map and putting us on an international stage, and the fact that we do this here and are attracting world class talent to our company’s mission statement — I think it’s a great thing for the region.”

Rendall added that Clearpath is also currently hiring and anyone interested can contact them.