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U-HWK soaring in its Kickstarter campaign

Last Updated Nov 11, 2015 at 7:40 am EDT


The way athletes train is changing, thanks to a new camera from a Kitchener-Waterloo based company.

U-HWK has already surpassed the $40,000 goal of their Kickstarter campaign, raising money to manufacture their mountable camera — “The U-HAWK Show”.

It’s a sports camera that mounts to your helmet, hat, or even arm, and lets you train, the way fighter-jet pilots have for decades using flight simulators.

Shea Kewin, one of the founders, tells us, they’ve already had over 250 people pledge money, buying their camera.

“A lot of the people actually are organic; so people we don’t know, which is great, because they’re backing us for the first time,” says Kewin. “A lot of our earliest customers, who had pre-bought from us, within the last year have come back and bought again.”

Kewin hopes the campaign drives awareness to what they’re doing.

“Ultimately it’s to raise funds to allow us to purchase materials to begin production,” says Kewin. “Putting this Kickstarter campaign into place, we can begin to generate enough sales, we can begin production and have these things delivered early next year.”

Surpassing their goal is great. But what’s even better, is they’re only¬†one week into the month-long campaign.

“It’s great validation that our community was able to get behind us, but we’re still focused on the goal ahead of keeping it going.”