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Tuesday April 21st, 2015 - 1pm


1:00 PM – Diverst – Energy Savings
Brian Unrau, President, Community Energy Development Co-operative Ltd.
Divest Waterloo, along with Community Renewable Energy Waterloo, are hosting ‘Think Globally Invest Locally’ tonight at 7pm at the Kitchener Downtown Community Centre. It’s two fold, according to local Renewable Energy Co-operatives: save the planet and make a return while doing so. We see a number of large institutions divest, but we want to focus on what you and I, the individuals can do…opportunities include insulating your home to putting solar panels on your roof.


1:30-2:00 p.m.  Co-founders Alex Leyn, President and CEO and Mike Fisher, VP of Business Development and Marketing, and Holly Curtis, Director, Corporate Communications, Aterica Digital Health (www.aterica.com)

Aterica creates Veta, a smart case and smartphone app for EpiPen users. Veta connects those living with life-threatening allergies to their loved ones in emergency situations. The Veta smart case is transparent, with a smart cap of sensors and electronics to monitor and communicate, and a button for emergencies. The case and app are wirelessly connected, so carriers will receive a proximity alert on their smartphone if they’ve forgotten their EpiPen or if it is out of reach. Veta allows carriers to live more independent, confident lives.