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Waterloo Region joins movement for decent work and higher minimum wage

File photo. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Denis Beaumont

Communities across Ontario are joining the North American-wide movement for decent work and a $15 minimum wage. Yesterday, gatherings in over 200 cities including Waterloo.

In Ontario, workers want Labour Minister Kevin Flynn to use the current review of employment and labour law as an opportunity to curb employer practices that undermine decent wages and working conditions.

“Right now there’s all kinds of exceptions for students, for people who serve liquor, for farmworkers to not pay them the minimum wage” says Mark Xuereb, President of the Waterloo Regional Labour Council.

He adds that they want to convince the government to increase the minimum wage for everyone.

Xuereb says companies should pay their employees a living wage which is on average $15 an hour, which is only 10% above the poverty line.

The living wage for Waterloo Region is has been estimated at $16 an hour.