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Tuesday April 14th, 2015 - 1pm


1:00 PM – Gender Pay Calculator
Tammy Schirle, Associate Professor, Economics, Wilfrid Laurier University
A Laurier researcher has developed a fair wage calculator to address gender pay gap. Employers can now estimate the average wages of male and female employees in Ontario that match their workers’ characteristics in terms of education, experience, industry and occupation. In cases where employers find their female workers are paid substantially less than Ontario men with similar characteristics, they will be aware and can make changes. This is in relation to the ‘wage gap report’, which advances the mission of Equal Pay Day.  Equal Pay Day falls on April 20th – and brings attention to the reality that women earn on average 31.5 per cent less than the annual earnings of men.


1:30-1:45 Jody Schnarr, CEO of Fongo (www.fongo.com)
Imagine not having to pay another cell phone bill again. A local start-up called Fongo is helping Canadians to do just that. With the Fongo app, users can take advantage of a number of popular phone features on their smartphones, tablets and computers.

1:45-2:00 Julie Dopko, Director, HR and Talent Programs at Communitech (www.communitech.ca) and Jason Field, founder of BrainStation (www.brainstation.io).
BrainStation is partnering with Communitech to launch its digital education courses in Waterloo this June. Out of the Commuitech Hub, part-time courses will be offered in user experience design, web development and mobile development. These courses will create an opportunity for Communitech’s members and the broader Waterloo Region to learn in a practical, hands-on environment, and leave the program having created a website, built an app, or designed a new product.  Additional courses, such as digital marketing and product management, will roll out by the Fall 2015.