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Tuesday March 3rd, 2015 - 12pm


12:00 PM – Breslau update
Matthew VanderMeer, Breslau resident
An update to a story we spoke about in early February concerning residents near Breslau Memorial Park. Resident Matthew VanderMeer has spoken out about a possible school and public library being built in the area. At Thursday night’s public meeting, he says about 200 people attended, with only a few speaking in support of the project. Before he joins us live, we have a quick comment from Waterloo Catholic District School Board Chair, Manuel da Silva, who spoke to some of the concerns raised. If the township decides to sell the land, the board will proceed with the plan.

12:30 PM – Women in Tech
Stephanie Rozek, Founding board of CanWIT, Women in Engineering committee at UW, Tech Girls Canada, local ambassador, CEO & Co-Founder Hackademy.
The gender divide in professions such as engineering and computer sciences is a startling problem in Canada. According to Engineers Canada, about 88 per cent of engineers are men. That number is changing because of many programs that have been developed to attract girls into science programs. Progress, however, is slow. A report from Engineers Canada shows just 18.3 per cent of undergraduate engineering degrees were awarded to women across the country in 2013, up slightly from 17.6 per cent in 2009. Stephanie Rozek, Director, Year of Code Waterloo Region and CEO & Co-Founder of Hackademy joins us to chat about the progress that’s been made and what still needs to be done to make science more appealing to girls.

12:45 PM – Airport – promotion
Chris Wood, General Manager, Region of Waterloo International Airport
A committee, originally created to deal with noise complaints – has now been tasked with something more positive. The Region of Waterloo’s international airport aeronautical noise advisory committee will now also work on promoting the airport. A revised mandate was approved by Regional councillors – the goal is to get more information out to the public about the airport’s value. General Manager, Chris Wood joins us now to share the new direction the committee is moving in.