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Tech Spotlight




Hussam Ayyad, Start-up Services Group Manager at Communitech. (@hwayyad)

Communitech is hosting a Real Estate Tech Showcase tonight at the Waterloo Inn. There are many ways local real estate agents can take advantage of the innovative things tech companies are doing today, and make technology an asset to their businesses.


Nadia Hamilton, founder and managing director of Magnusmode (www.magnusmode.com) (@magnusmode)

Over 13,000 Waterloo Region families are impacted by special needs. Inspired by her brother’s journey living with autism, Nadia Hamilton created Magnusmode, a mobile app to help him and others with special needs navigate everyday life and find greater independence. Using a series of online games to collect and create Magnus Cards, users are encouraged to practice and master skills in 12 categories, from personal care and finances, to arts and entertainment. By completing every day activities, Magnus Cards enable those with special needs to master life skills, gain independence, and be supported by a growing global community. They even have partnerships with local businesses, such as Centre in the Square.