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'Stop the Crisis' event hopes to raise awareness about youth radicalization

From stopthecrisis.ca

An event will be held at Cambridge City Hall tomorrow night, to take a stand against youth radicalization.

The event is part of a nationwide campaign called ‘Stop The Crisis’ which aims to raise awareness about the extremist influence that ISIS can have on youth.

“In today’s world, parents can’t watch what’s going on in the social network forums, where their kids are visiting and what they are doing” says Burhan Ahmed, organizer of the event. “But they can watch for the symptoms, and the attitudes and be aware that they have to talk to them.”

“There are some conflicts going on around the world and the group, in the name of ISIS, they try to show that they have been wronged” adds Ahmed. “And they want justice. They bring religion into this conflict to show that, religiously, you are obliged to join us.”

The event will consist of a keynote address, a Q/A session with an Islamic scholar panel, and a media presentation.

The campaign gets underway at 6:30 Friday night.