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Some without voter cards for Monday's municipal election

Some residents in the region say they have not received their voter’s card for Monday’s municipal election.

Staff with the City of Waterloo confirm that no one living in 50 units of a new building on Erb Street got their voters card.

And they are not the only ones.

Kitchener Councillor John Gazzola says at least two apartment buildings and a seniors’ condo in his ward haven’t received voter cards.

Some residents without a voters card are worried the extra hassle could prevent many from voting, especially seniors.

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation, responsible for the voters’ lists, say they try to be as accurate and
up-to-date as possible.

People are still able to vote October 27th by bringing identification that includes a current address to the polling station.

ID can include a drivers licence, utility bill or a lease or rental agreement.

Residents without voter cards can visit their municipality’s website or call their city clerk’s office to find their appropriate polling station.

City of Waterloo website

City of Kitchener website

City of Cambridge website