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10 candidates in municipal election not living in ward they are running for

With the municipal election less then a week away, some residents in the region are wondering why candidates in their ward, do not live in the riding.

There are 10 candidates across the region who are running for a council seat in an area where they don’t live.

Outgoing Kitchener Mayor Carl Zehr says if one is interested in serving the community, you would think that person would want to represent the ward in which they reside.

He says in particular cases it is because of convenience whether there is an incumbent or not or a fewer number of candidates.

He says people normally get involved in politics in their own neighbourhoods and that is why wards exist.

You can run in any ward as long as you live, rent property or own property in that municipality.

Zehr doesn’t believe the law should be changed but questions the motives of those who run in one ward and live in another.

He says its up to voters whether they elect a representative that lives or doesn’t live in their ward.