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Political expert doesn't buy Dan Glenn-Graham's story

A retired political science professor isn’t buying that Dan Glenn-Graham wasn’t in on the alleged email.

Robert Williams say that it’s unusual to see this kind of alignment between a mayoral candidate and a ward candidate, adding that it will no doubt have serious implications for Dan Glenn-Graham’s campaign for mayor.

“That’s not something I would expect a volunteer to send on behalf of a candidate” says Robert Williams, professor emeritus, University of Waterloo. “That part doesn’t add up to me. This is far too significant to pass off, and say to a volunteer ‘oh you go ahead and do that.”‘

He adds that it would make constituents in Ward 2 think that candidate, Dan Graham, was in on the email.

“It tells me that the two Dans, if you will, feel that they have perspectives in common that would be valuable to have around the council table” adds Williams. “You would assume that there’s been some discussion.”

Williams says while Glenn-Graham may have crossed a line ethically, there can’t be any repercussions for his alleged actions under the Municipal Elections Act.

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