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Kitchener Ward 2 Candidate Steven Cage comments on email controversy

Kitchener Ward 2 Candidate Steven Cage comments on email controversy.

“I’d like to comment on the controversial email regarding the Ward 2 election which came out today.

The email sent to Wasai Rahimi was entirely inappropriate and disappointing, and I want to specifically commend Mr. Rahimi for standing up for himself. I have heard radio audio clips from both Dan Glenn – Graham and Dan Graham relating to the inappropriate email to Wasai Rahimi, and fully accept their explanations that neither were personally aware of the email sent to Wasai Rahimi.

I further commend Mr. Dan Glenn – Graham for taking personal responsibility for the e-mail and advising that he will promptly release the writer of the inappropriate email from his campaign.

The Ward 2 Councillor election has been extremely cordial amongst all 6 candidates, with all candidates having strong credentials and active community involvement. Voters are encouraged to support whoever they believe is the strongest candidate.”