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Kitchener Ward 2 Candidate Chris Letizi comments on email controversy

Kitchener Ward 2 Candidate Chris Letizi comments on email controversy.
I would like to pass on my comments on regarding the situation in Ward 2 today.
I commend Wasai Rahimi for his openness and transparency regarding the email he received from another electoral candidate. I also commend Dan Graham for contacting Ward 2 candidates personally today to explain he had no part in these events and expressing his respect for the candidates for Kitchener Ward 2 Councillor.
Kitchener Ward 2 is lucky to have 6 candidates running for City Councillor; each bringing a unique set of skills and abilities to the table to pick from for their new representative.  Elections should be free from bias, coercion and intimidation, especially from elected officials or their representatives.  All candidates should be able to run their campaigns without interference and residents should be feel they can support a candidate of their choosing without outside influence.
I have not been contacted by any individual to drop out of the election or to endorse another candidate.  My campaign will continue to be open and transparent, focusing on the key issues that affect Ward 2 that include  appropriate representation, transparent government, expanding on programs and services and improving our neighbourhoods.
Good luck to all candidates in the 2014 Municipal Elections.