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Dozens take part as advanced polls open in Kitchener

After only half an hour of being open, the lineup for advanced polling at Stanley Park Community Centre was to the door.

It’s just one of many locations people can cast their ballot this week ahead of election day October 27th.

Many people voting, said it was a hard decision this year, due to the fact that Kitchener Mayor Carl Zehr is not running for re-election. Many voters also say they place a lot of value on voting, adding that it’s the only way to make their voice heard.

“It’s an opportunity to have my say” says Brenda. “I think I’m probably speaking for my mom here, but elderly really really like to go out and vote, and as long as they’re able to get out, it’s really important for them.”

“Municipal seems to be the biggest beef” says Matt. “It’s the areas that you live in. More so than the federal end of it, and I think that more and more people, if they want something to happen in their constituencies, they need to get out and vote.”

To listen to what voters are saying about the upcoming municipal election, click below: