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Race for the job of Regional Chair heats up

Just over three weeks until election day, and the race for the job of Regional Chair appears to be getting ugly.

Allegations are swirling about robocalls and alleged tampering with campaign signs.

Regional Chair, Ken Seiling confirmed to 570 news that he’s seen evidence that his signs have been blocked by candidate Jay Aissa’s.

“Yes we’ve seen some evidence that there has been some signs that are being covered in different areas” says Seiling. “But I believe that people earn respect for what they do in the community year-round, not what someone can do in a six week campaign. I’m continuing to carry on with the work of Regional Chair in addition to campaigning and I certainly won’t be involved in any negative campaigning.”

Meantime, LRT Critic, Jay Aissa said that those allegations are false, since his campaign office put up their signs prior to Ken Seiling.

“We were the first guys out there putting up our signs so I don’t know what he’s talking about” says Aissa. “It’s a big town, big city and everybody’s allowed to put the signs in every direction, so I don’t know what he’s whining about.”

Aissa admits that their office is doing robocalls across the region, but he says it’s in the best interests of voters.

“I thought it was in the best interests for our region” says Aissa. “And listening to the voices out there, so that’s what we did.”

There are five other candidates in the running for Regional Chair including Oscar (Oz) Cole-Arnal, Moira-Sharon Magee, Robert Milligan, Paul A. Myles and John (Johann) Wolf.

To listen to the full interview with Ken Seiling, click below:

To listen to the full interview with Jay Aissa, click below: