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Infrastructure common theme in Cambridge Mayoral debate

There wasn’t a lot of elbow room in the Rogers TV studios Thursday night as seven candidates running for Mayor of Cambridge debated the issues.

The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce is looking for a mayor with bold ideas to lead the community over the next four years and beyond.

Candidate Sandra Hill says the biggest problem in the city is the infrastructure.

“I am going to shut down the Franklin Boulevard exit on the 401, it’s an illegal intersection anyway. I’ve spoken with the MTO and space between Highway 24 and Townline is warranted to shut it down. We are not putting roundabounts around Franklin Blvd. that are unsafe.”

Hill also wants to do a thorough check to see if there is any duplications in employment by eliminating positions that are no longer needed at City Hall.

There has also been a number of petitions from hockey parents in Cambridge about coming up with a new arena.
Mayor Doug Craig says council is moving forward on building a sportsplex that will have ice pads, a swimming pool and a field house for indoor soccer.

Candidate Linda Whetham commented saying there is no reason why Cambridge should not have a sportsplex as the smaller municipalities such as Ayr, Wellesley and Woolwich have one.

“The folks of their communities got together and started fundraising then they went to their city with the money that they had in hand and they partnered with their city. These are small centres, we are a big city!”

Paul Tavares took a dig at Mayor Craig saying it was rather fortunate the question followed up with his opening statement.

“Cambridge is about 15 years behind the time so it’s a good thing the mayor is stepping up and saying he is going to do something now.”

Craig responded saying the sportsplex is part of his platform and where he’s heading in the next four years.

“You hear the issues of keeping taxes low, so you try to use all your facilities to the extent that you can. We know that they are aging, that is why we are moving ahead.”