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Friday September 19, 2014 - 11am


11:00- CLEO Collar introduces technology for pets
Peter Mankowski, Founder of CLEO Collar
Mankowski, a former BlackBerry employee, founded CLEO based on the idea that fitness wearables are increasing in popularity among active kids and adults and we knew Fido needed one too. With a background in the development of high-tech products, knowledge of the wearable market and, of course, Fido in mind we set out to build a pet wearable monitoring everything from heart rate, to barking activity to calories burned. As we dove further into our R&D, the tornado of inspiration developed, and our ambition to conquer the pet wearables’ market transformed into dedication and commitment to the overall welfare of animals. Partnering with our local Humane Society, a portion of every sale of CLEO Collar is donated back to the Humane Society of Waterloo.  The name CLEO- Connect, Learn, Enhance and Optimize, the four cornerstones of our innovation. CLEO Collar is the smartest, most intuitive pet wearable available for your beloved Fido. We built CLEO to help you better connect with and care for your cat or dog, so you can be with each other as long as possible. The features of CLEO Collar can be categorized into three sections: 1. Heath and Activity Management 2. PetAvatar 3. Disease Anticipation and Prevention.  CLEO Collar wants your furry friend to be well taken care of so we’ve created the most comprehensive health and activity package available. We’ll monitor your dog or cat’s heart rate, temperature, respiratory capacity, daily steps, stairs climbed, calories burned and more.

11:30- McGuinty is a lobbyist for Kitchener’s Desire2Learn
Kitchener-based software company Desire2Learn has a new paid ally in its attempt to sell its learning management software to Ontario’s schools, universities and colleges with former premier Dalton McGuinty registering as a lobbyist for the firm.  According to his Ontario Lobbyist Registry filing, first submitted last month, McGuinty will try to “to enhance the presence of Desire2Learn education technology in Ontario’s schools, colleges and universities.” Desire2Learn’s Brightspace software platform allows educators to craft a virtual meeting space for their students that operate alongside an online bank of teaching material and other tools. Existing Ontario users of the software include French language public elementary schools, the Toronto District School Board, McMaster University and the University of Guelph. Desire2Learn chief executive officer John Baker said McGuinty is a “special adviser” for the company, which now has 800 employees.