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Mayoral hopefuls in Kitchener square off

Those running to be the next mayor of Kitchener were the first to debate the issues on Rogers TV (Cable 20).

It was the first of 32 debates that will be televised leading up to the October 27th municipal election.

Jobs, lower voter turnout and the LRT were among the issues that were discussed.

Dan Glenn-Graham says there’s no way council can leave the second phase of the LRT in limbo.

“…But, I think that what we’re looking at now is an opportunity to really be respectful of our partner in Cambridge and say here’s a timeline to reach the LRT there.”

“Cambridge needs some direct answers on when they are going to get that…” said candidate Peter Martin.

When it comes to jobs, candidate Berry Vrbanovic says we need to continue to diversify our economy. “…Growing the areas that have done well, working with our start-up sector in that regard.”

Candidate James Rhodes is proposing incentives for businesses who provide details on what they will offer in terms of employment and longevity of staying in the region, so they don’t take the incentives and move on.

Slavko Miladinovic declined to participate in the debate.

If you missed it, Rogers TV will broadcast the debate again on Friday at 8am.