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#TechHour – Google 4 Entrepreneurs


Following up the Google-4-Entrepreneurs Ignition Day last Thursday, where startups pitched their companies, their program outcomes and goals to Google.

12:00- Steven Woods, Senior Engineering Director and Country Product Lead at Google
Steven McCartney, Vice President of Startup Services at Communitech – @StevenMcCartney
Woods and McCartney will talk about the Google/Communitech partnership and the benefits of the Google for Entrepreneurs (G4E) program.

12:15- James Slifierz with SkyWatch – @SkyWatchApps
Andrew Paradi with Teknically (Webplio) – @TeknicallyCo
Two of the cohort startups will discuss their goals for the G4E program and why they applied.

12:30- Sarah Juma, CEO and Co-founder of StyleID – @StyleId
StyleID is a style identifier that cross references movies, music videos, television & award shows to help consumers identify the designer of items worn, used or featured. Sarah Juma will talk about the G4E experience and success gained from it.

12:45- Caitlin MacGregor, Co-founder and CEO @caitmacgregor w/ @plum_io
Christine Bird, Co-founder and Chief Solutions Officer at Plum – @christine_bird
Plum offers a cloud based hiring solution that assesses a job applicant’s problem solving ability and personality priorities, the main predictors of job performance, to quickly identify candidates that are the right fit. Results are presented in the Plum dashboard, revealing the total applicant picture for easy comparison, allowing employers to match unique hiring needs with top candidates. Christine Bird and Caitlin MacGregor will talk about G4E and BlackBox.