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Jay Aissa officially joins race for Regional Chair

The man behind ‘Coalition Stop LRT’, Jay Aissa, has officially filed his papers to run for Regional Chair.

Jay Aissa is also known for his Waterloo based company Jay Fencing.

“After 29 years, the Region of Waterloo needs a new chairs” says Aissa. “It’s time for change, and the change starts with a new chair.”

Aissa says he’s committed to an open, honest and transparent Regional Government that spends their tax dollars wisely while having communication with residents.

“After I got involved more deeper, and understood how the region has been treating the taxpayers” adds Aissa. “And the way they’re wasting money. Nobody knows that. The numbers, only Ken Seiling himself knows that. That’s why I’m having problems with it. They’re not being a transparent government, and that’s the problem.”

Some of the main issues Aissa is hoping to deal with includes the region’s plan for Light Rail Transit. He’s committed to looking at alternate ideas, including Bus Rapid Transit through Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge.

“When Ken Seiling took over that job, and today the region is half a billion dollars in debt” adds Aissa. “My company can continue growing and hiring more full time people and we’re not in debt. To me that’s a huge difference.”

Aissa will have stiff pro-ION competition, as current Regional Chair, Ken Seiling, is running for re-election.