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Tuesday July 15, 2014 - 12pm- The #TechHour

12-1pm- The #TechHour

12-12:30 – Auvik Networks: Marc Morin, Alex Hoff, David Yach
Auvik Networks is a hybrid cloud, software-as-a-service application that provides I.T. professionals with a better way to monitor, configure and automate their network. What lessons have they learned along the way that they’ll be bringing to their latest venture?

Marc Morin, CEO – also co-founded Sandvine and served as its Chief Technology Officer, developing the company’s vision and technology strategy. Prior to Sandvine, he was co-founder at PixStream which was acquired by Cisco Systems.

Alex Hoff, VP of Product Management – served as Senior Product Manager and Member of Office of CTO at Sandvine where he built the company’s Usage Management product line.

David Yach, Chief Technology Officer – served as the Chief Technology Officer of Software at BlackBerry until Mar. 2012. Prior to joining RIM in 1998, he was a Chief Architect at Sybase (acquired by SAP).

12:30-1 – Avassi: Mate Prgin and bitHound: Dan Silvestru
Avvasi is a company which enables measurement, improvement and monetization of video content for industry.

Mate Prgin, CEO and co-founder of Avvasi – prior to which he was co-founder of VideoLocus, which was acquired by LSI Corporation and also worked at PixStream.

bitHound believes that it’s not hard to write code, but it is hard to write high-quality, maintainable, performant software. Today, there is no way to truly tell the difference between bad code and great code. bitHound provides real-time and predictive analysis on any codebase to help developers, managers, and executives alike build and deliver the best software possible.

Dan Silvestru, CEO and co-founder of bitHound – A seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience building software and technology companies. Recently, Dan was co-founder and CTO at tinyHippos, acquired by Blackberry in 2011. Over the past two years, Dan has spent his time as an Executive in Residence at Communitech, applying his expertise to help mentor and advise startups.