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Friday Apr. 11, 2014 - 11am

11:00am- Luisa D’Amato, Waterloo Region Record Columnist, Re:  If there’s snow or ice falling from the skies, the cities of Kitchener and Waterloo require that you clear the sidewalk within 24 hours. Cambridge gives you 36 hours. They are pretty strict on this issue with their own residents. So why are they so easy on themselves when it comes to fixing potholes on their own roads?

11:30am- Stanley Friedman, Criminal Defense Attorney, Re: Oscar Pistorius has been the target of relentless and combative questioning as the prosecutor in his murder trial tried to rattle the runner about the night he shot dead his model girlfriend. Friedman, a former Federal prosecutor and a high profile criminal defense attorney based in California, talks about the trial, what’s different about a South African courtroom, and what that means for the defense and prosecution. Friedman also weighs in on which testimony may prove the track star’s innocence or guilt.