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Friday Mar. 28, 2014 - 11am

11:00am- Anne Leonard, Executive Director of Arrive Alive Drive Sober, Re: AADS believe that convenience stores would be unable to bring the attention and commitment needed to be able to sell beer and wine properly in Ontario. Based on well
documented failures by some convenience stores to follow proper protocols when selling tobacco and lottery tickets, Leonard says they have reservations about stores ability to sell alcohol safely.

11:30am- Nathalie Boutet, Family Lawyer, Re: The Gwenyth Paltrow/ Chris Martin separation announcement featured theĀ  words ‘Conscious Uncoupling’ but there may be more to those specific words. Why are these words are important in the larger family law discussion? The term gives a strong nod to a collaborative route to separation and divorce. It also highlights just how important the language is when handling a separation.