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2014-BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE ( spot news.. Dec 2013 Ice Storm Coverage runs 19:17)

Mother Nature packed a punch of snow and ice just before Christmas. What it meant in Waterloo Region was massive hydro outages and devastating tree damage. Our 570 News Breaking News coverage featured a team of reporters scattered around the area,  extended news coverage throughout the day- breaking from regular weekend programming- which included live call-in Talk show as well. This coverage truly shows what radio does best, going live and long with its coverage of a Break News event to superserve the community and provide the information from leaders and experts as it happens.

These are some emails we received about our coverage:

“Thank you for being on air and helping us thru this storm with all the information we need. You are the best!”

“Hey Joe:
Like to take a moment to thank the hydro-boys in this crazy situation. Good job!!
I hope all the people get hooked up soon, especially the elderly.”

“This may be per-mature, but any word on what we do with all these tree branches as far as pick-up? / removal?”

ps: I just had a box of beer delivered in this bull-chit…out-standing!!!”

@MayorBrenda Thank you @pavia570news and @570News team for your coverage of #icestorm2013 and what is happening in our community. Keeping us informed!

“Relaxing here in Linwood, without power since 8:30 this morning. Happy to have the company of you and 570 News!”
“Joe: we live in Elmira and have been listening to our battery operated radio all afternoon. Our power went off around 11 this morning and just came back on before 5”

“Thank God For bb Radio
Hi Joe..We have been listening on my blackberry today…thanks for the info..”

Steve R

“I want to thank all staff yesterday who came to the aid of the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and surrounding residents to keep up constantly informed. I listened to you all day. I thank you for your time and sacrifice to help those of us in need who did not know what was going on. I really appreciate you for all you did for us. I could not get any news on the FM stations.”

Kathy H

“Thank you for being on air and helping us thru this storm with all the information we need. You are the best!”