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Activa Neighbourhood Natural Gas Inspections Complete

It caused major concern amongst neighbours in the Activa neighbourhood when an explosion destroyed a two-storey home on January 27th, 2013.

300 of the 750 residents followed up on the City of Kitchener’s offer to perform free gas leak inspections – and the results are in.

In total, 161 leaks were found – but none at a harmful level.

Director of Utilities for the City of Kitchener Wally Malcolm tells 570 News that crews were only required to slightly tighten various devices and gas valves. He says they did not find anything that could have cause the same explosion seen in January.

“It’s of a level that’s just distinctly leaking gas. It’s not of a nature that would cause human harm to anybody.”

Malcolm ads, these types of leaks are common.

“Over time basically you will have this type of leak occurring – not in all cases but in some cases you will see this.”

Kitchener Fire Chief Tim Beckett tells 570 News why home owners tend to avoid getting gas leaks fixed.

“Because they can’t smell that there is problem or actually see that there’s problem they might not realize that there is a problem there. When it’s out of sight it’s usually out of mind. This is why we’re using this as an opportunity to continue with our public safety messaging.”

The total cost to complete the inspections and fix the leaks rang in at $22,005.

Chief Beckett hopes this will bring peace of mind to the homes-owners that had the inspections.

“What we were able to do was provide some re-assurances through this inspection program…the 300 people that took us up on the offer now have their homes that have been inspected and are safe.”

As for the house that was destroyed due to the explosion back in January, Chief Beckett says a large amount of gas would have to have been released at one time.

He says the Fire Marshal’s Office is still looking at the explosion.

“What we do know is that it was internal to the home. We managed to rule out any gas from the ground seeping in or anything to with the distribution system leading into the house.”

The full report will be presented to Kitchener City Council on Monday, November 18th, 2013.

Both Chief Beckett and Wally Malcolm will be on 570’s Gary Doyle Show this Thursday, November 14th in the 10 o clock hour.

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