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Former PM talks senate expense scandal during stop in Waterloo

Former Prime Minister Joe Clark gave a guest lecture at The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) in Waterloo last night.

Being Canada’s 16th Prime Minister, former Minister of External Affairs, Minister Responsible for Constitutional Affairs as well as President of the Privy Council – The Right Honourable Joe Clark knows his fair share about global politics.

Speaking on the current shifts in global power, Clark tells 570 News Canadians have to look to build international alliances. He posed a question to the audience to determine what countries would be best for Canada to partner with. Although no one had an immediate answer, Clark says this is something we need to seriously consider to grow as a country.

Leading the Conservative party for several years, The Right Honourable Joe Clark is also well aware of the current senate expense scandal.

He tells 570 News this is a large issue that “can’t be swept under the rug.” He adds this is something that the Prime Minister and Parliament need to be more open on and deal with quickly.

570’s Christine Clark speaks with The Right Honourable Joe Clark.