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U.S. election night dominates social media

From tweets to newspaper headlines, it’s all about the U.S. presidential election as President Barack Obama won a second term in office Tuesday night.

“He’s back” — that’s the front page of the National Post. The Toronto Star and USA Today shared the same “Obama Triumphs” headline.

And, it could be that Donald Trump was upset that Obama’s victory deprived him of the opportunity to tweet “you’re fired” Tuesday night, but he essentially he went off the social media rails.

One of Trump’s many tweets said: “Our country is now in serious and unprecedented trouble like never before.”

That caught the attention of NBC news anchor Brian Williams.

“It’s Donald Trump who has driven well past the last exit to relevance, and veered into something closer to irresponsible,” Williams said.

Obama tweeted his victory to his 22 million followers, with a picture of him hugging his wife, Michelle Obama. It took 22 minutes for the president’s photo tweet to break Justin Bieber’s record of 200,000.

Celebrities also took to Twitter to shared their enthusiasm of Obama’s win. LL Cool J said, “Don’t call it a comeback he’s been here 4 years,” along with tweeting this photo.