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The choking game

570 News file photo.

Guelph Police are out with a warning about a potentially fatal game high school kids have been playing.

Parents are asked to talk to their children about the “choking” or “fainting” game.

Over the last few days, Guelph Police have noted 4 separate cases of this activity. Kids are cutting off the blood flow to their brains, to experience a head rush, but killing off thousands of brain cells at a time. There have been cases across Canada and the United States where this so called ‘game’ can kill the participant.

Sergeant Doug Pflug tells 570 News that beyond killing brain cells, “If someone was to fall or they pass out, they could be smacking their head on the concrete and they could get really hurt.”

Pflug suggests what parents should look for, “If they start to see some unexplained bruising on their throat, or if they take off their shirt off and they see (bruising) on their chest, just to talk to them and find out.”

“We would strongly encourage parents to talk to their kids about the choking game, and make sure, they’re not participating in it, and if they are … let their children know that it does pose a severe health risk and it could even cause death in some cases,” Pflug said.

For more information, including a GASP Brochure, go to this website.