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Puppy pulled from the garbage in Winnipeg doing well and attracting attention

WINNIPEG – A little Rayne never hurt anyone, so why would someone toss the cute little puppy into a city Dumpster?

That’s what staff at Winnipeg’s Animal Services Agency are asking after the eight-week-old shepherd-collie mix was found wet and cold in a north end garbage bin last week.

The female puppy, given the name Rayne because of weather conditions when she was found, is being cared for by agency staff and is in surprisingly good health.

“The dog was soaking wet because it was one of those days that was pouring rain,” Leland Gordon, chief operating officer of the agency, told the Winnipeg Free Press.

Rayne was given veterinary care and vitamins, and has been “eating a lot while she’s been here,” said Gordon, noting the puppy has gained a pound in the few days.

Rayne hasn’t been adopted, yet due to a five-day holding period the agency has in place, but the cute little mutt is garnering lots of attention.

“There’s lots of people who have called in,” said Gordon.

“If you can’t care for your pet for whatever reason, don’t put it in a Dumpster,” Gordon added. “This dog could have died, obviously, if we hadn’t recovered it.”

(Winnipeg Free Press)