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Number 8 of Top 11 of 2011

Jonathan Bacon

KELOWNA (NEWS1130) – Red Scorpions gangster Jonathan Bacon was gunned down August 14th in front of a ritzy, waterfront resort in Kelowna.
In the middle of the afternoon, men wearing masks opened fire on a white luxury SUV.

Bacon, two other known gang members and two women were inside the Porsche Cayenne.
All of them were hit by gunfire.
Only Bacon was killed.
At a news conference the next day Supt. Bill McKinnon was asked about whether Bacon’s death would spark a gang war.

“I think retaliation is something we’re very cautious of,” McKinnon said.  “Whether it will happen in Kelowna or any other community in this province is something law enforcement officials are very leery of.”

Both of Bacon’s younger brothers were in custody when he was shot.
Jarrod Bacon is currently on trial for cocaine trafficking charges.
Jamie Bacon is awaiting trial in the Surrey Six murder case.    
About a month after Jonathan Bacon was killed, BC’s Gang Task Force assigned 65 officers to the tensions arising from the shooting.

“We are not slowing down and these gang members have to know that the streets of BC are not theirs and our officers will make that message very, very clear to them,” Supt. Tom McCluskie said.  “The wanton and callous disregard for the safety of innocent bystanders was clearly demonstrated during the Kelowna incident and we as the police, must do everything we can to prevent further acts of violence and retaliation.”

Bacon’s murder remains unsolved.