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What are the odds of seeing the royal couple in cowboy hats?

CALGARY (NEWS1130) – Will William or Kate be photographed wearing a cowboy hat at the Calgary Stampede?

Not likely, according to popular online betting website www.bodog.com.

But Ed Pownall with the site is going against the odds, saying Kate will pull out the cowgirl look.

“It’s the shock that everybody wants: One of them wearing a cowboy hat. She’s a very stylish person, if she gets the right hat, I think she’ll put one on,” he says.

Current odds on the website are at 11-10 for ‘Yes’ and 2-3 for ‘No’.

He’s also doubtful the royals will be seen on a horse.

“We know they can both ride. But to actually be seen on a horse during the Stampede, the odds are ‘Yes’ 2-1, ‘No’ 1-3,” he says. “So we’re saying it’s a very strong favourite that they won’t be seen on a horse. I have to agree with that, I cannot see that happening.”

He also says the odds are against the royal couple waving a Quebec flag during their trip.

Pownall adds that the royal bets won’t end after their Canadian tour wraps up.

“Everyone is waiting to bet on when Will and Kate will announce their pregnancy, which I think will be within the next year,” he says.