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Federal leaders list off promises for future

OTTAWA, Ont. – Higher limits on tax-free savings accounts, more police officers and a quickly reduced deficit were only some of the many promises federal leaders made on day 13 of the latest election campaign.

Party leaders listed guarantees and continued to build their platforms Thursday, as the clock to election day continued to tick.

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper attempted to win over voters when he made a financial announcement in a family backyard in Woodbridge.

“A re-elected Conservative government will double the annual contribution limit to the tax-free savings account, from $5,000 to $10,000,” Harper said.

The catch here being the change won’t be implemented until the budget is balanced, which could take as many as five-years.

Harper told supporters this change will help the nearly five-million Canadians who have already signed up for a tax-free account.

“Some families save to renovate their home or start a small business,” Harper said. “Others save to help themselves retire in greater dignity and comfort.”

Meanwhile, New Democratic Party Leader Jack Layton told voters in Surrey, B.C. he intends to eliminate gang violence across the country through a number of different methods, including hiring more than 2,500 new police officers.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May released her fully-costed election platform in Toronto. Her platform promises to reduce the budget deficit faster than the Conservatives through corporate tax hikes and cutting military funding. The Green Party also intends to invest heavily in early childhood education.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff was at a seniors’ residence in Montreal, where he outlined several promises designed to improve the pension system.

“This will add $650 a year, particularly to those seniors on low income,” Ignatieff said.