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Election campaign damages environment, policy analyst says

OTTAWA – As partly leaders continue to travel across the country promoting their election platforms, environmentalists are warning there is more at risk than taxpayers dollars.

Between tour buses, airplanes and feverish travel schedules, environmental organizations claim the environment is one of the most important entities feeling the effects of the latest campaign.

Clare Demerse, a policy analyst with the Pembina Institute, told 680News flying is the worst greenhouse gas emitter.

“From flying, from buses, cars, heating offices, lawn signs, the whole thing,” Demerse said.

She added a few simple changes, such as using more buses, could drastically reduce the carbon footprint from the latest election.

“Go sequentially, start out west, work your way out east, maybe you don’t need quite so many people travelling with you for example.”

Demerse also said political parties need to ensure all campaign materials, like brochures and signs, are made from recycled paper and non-toxic ink.

All parties, except the Conservatives, plan to buy carbon offsets to help make good for the environmental damage their latest campaigns have caused.

During the 2008 campaign, the leaders created more than 600 times more greenhouse gas than the average Canadian does in a year.