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Police shoot pit bull

Waterloo Regional Police had to kill a dog during an incident in the Fairway & River area of Kitchener.

The incident happened around 7:20 last night on Daimler Drive when police pulled over a car driven by a local man who is a suspect in an ongoing investigation.

Police tell 570 News a pit bull in the back seat of the car attacked one of the officers, and they had to shoot the dog.

Police originally said there was a single shot in the incident, but in a later statement said “shots” were fired. 

A witness who asked not to be identified tells 570 News three shots were fired.

The officer required treatment in hospital and was released, but there were no other injuries.

Police can not say why they were investigating the driver as it is part of an ongoing investigation.

The Special Investigations Unit is not involved.

The arrested driver makes a court appearance today.