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9:00 AM – Empathy is bad
Paul Bloom, Brooks and Suzanne Ragen Professor of Psychology, Yale University
We are taught empathy from an early age. There is even a school program called “roots of empathy” where young children learn about babies and caring for others. But a Yale professor says, in fact, empathy might be bad and making the world worse.

9:15 AM – Math is hard comment
The National Post is reporting that Conservative MP Michelle Rempel is demanding an apology after a comment from Calgary’s Mayor Naheed Nenshi.
On social media Sunday, Rempel blasted Calgary’s property tax system saying many business owners outside the core were bracing for major tax hikes this year. She went on to says she thinks council needs to look at changing the system. Nenshi dismissed the claims and said Rempel was trying to make an issue out of something she didn’t understand. He said “Apparently, math is challenging, but hopefully, she’ll figure that out.”
‘Apparently math is challenging’: Calgary MP blasts mayor over ‘sexist’ comments in fight over tax hikes

9:30 AM – Let them eat dirt
Dr. B. Brett Finlay, University of British Columbia, Author
A new book claims dirty kids are healthy kids. Dr.B. Brett Finlay and author of “Let them eat dirt: Saving Your Child from an Oversanitized World” and says “We have ten microbes in our bodies for every cell, which means that we are basically walking bacteria farms, and that’s what makes us healthy” The books says as our knowledge of bacteria grows, we are beginning to understand the incredibly important role that probiotics play in our bodies. Anti-bacterials kill all bacteria indiscriminately, even the good kinds that your kids need to thrive. The microbes found in dirt help to train their budding immune systems to respond to bacteria and they populate their gut flora and perform a plethora of functions.

9:45 AM – Listener Letters