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9:00 AM – Future Transit hub
Berry Vrbanovic, Kitchener Mayor

Toronto’s Pearson International Airport could soon be home to a major transit hub. The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) unveiled plans on Tuesday to create a multi-modal transportation centre at the country’s largest airport. The hub would connect regional and local transit lines, including the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, Mississauga Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Finch West LRT and SmartTrack, as well as the UP Express and a high-speed rail line to Kitchener. Howard Eng, president and CEO of the GTAA, said it’s time to catch up with other major cities across the globe.

9:15 AM –Daycare provider breastfeeds other child

A mom wants assault charges laid against a daycare provider after she breastfed her baby.  The mom who also works at the facility told police her baby was being fussy and one of the other employees asked if she could breastfeed the baby in an effort to sooth him.  The mom said no.  When she re-entered the room, the woman was nursing her child.  The mom says not only did she put her son on her breast , her child is lactose intolerant and cannot process milk of any kind.

9:30 AM –Report says some sex assault cases are deemed unfounded by police

Regional police say they are taking a look at how sexual assault cases are reported and managed in our region. This comes after a Globe and Mail investigation looked at how police across our country record some sexual assault complaints as unfounded. The 5-year unfounded sexual assault rate in our region is 27%, compared to the national average at 19%. “One of my biggest and primary concerns is the stat: four of five victims don’t come forward,” says Regional Police Chief Bryan Larkin. “We should all pause, we should all stop and ask ourselves why? How come? And how do we reduce that number?” He is calling local agencies that work with victims to a round table discussion about how police can improve the way they handle sexual assault cases.

9:45 AM –Ambassador to Canada

Three weeks in and the Trump administration still has hundreds of positions to fill.  One name keeps popping  up as the possible ambassador to Canada.  How does Ambassador Sarah Palin sound?