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The Midday Show – May 19th, 2017

10:00 AM TOPIC: Garbage Collection

GUEST: Kathleen Barsoum

Co-ordinator, Waste Management Division

10:15 AM TOPIC: MB overhaul

GUEST:  Kevin Fergin, President WRHBA

10:30 AM TOPIC: All things Regionally

GUEST: Tom Galloway, Councillor

11:00 AM
TOPIC: OPP long weekend

GUEST: Constable Lauren Ball

11:30 AM TOPIC: Student Leadership

GUEST:  Sandy Millar

11:45 AM
TOPIC: Labour Laws

GUEST: Art Sinclair, Vice President, Public Policy & Advocacy, Greater KW Chamber of Commerce

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce is warning the government against making major changes to the province’s labour laws.   In a letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne, the business group expressed concern about the province’s Changing Workplaces review.   The top-to-bottom look at labour laws is expected to usher in major changes.  Chamber of Commerce vice-president Karl Baldauf says employers are especially concerned about potential changes to unionization that might come about after the report is released.   The group says major changes to labour laws that increase costs could have a negative impact on the province’s economic recovery and lead to job cuts.

12:00 PM
TOPIC: In Other News
12:30 PM
TOPIC: Caffeine Dangers

GUEST: Carolyn Tereszkowski,( Tereshkovski)  Registered Dietitian and Public Health , Region of Waterloo


TOPIC: Autism changes

GUEST: Amy Fee, Local parent, PC candidate  for Kitchener South Hespeler

Ontario families of children with autism will be able to choose between using government-funded services or receiving funding to pay for private therapy.  The Liberal government is set to announce today that the Ontario Autism Program beginning next month will soon include a direct funding option.  Ontario Autism Coalition president Bruce McIntosh says it’s something families have long been clamouring for. He says while some families prefer direct service because they don’t want to have to manage the money and keep time sheets, many want the flexibility of direct funding. That allows them to choose private therapists, who offer a wider range of hours and will do home visits. Details are still being worked out for the new direct funding option, but sources say it would have no age cap.

1:00PM TOPIC: Rail Announcement

GUEST: Mark Douglas, Afternoon managing editor, 570 NEWS




GUEST: John Gaskin, Manulife Classic

1:30 PM
TOPIC: Recap Morning Topic