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ERIC DROZD SHOW – Friday January 13th, 2017


10:00 AMSchool Wi-Fi privacy

GUEST:  Nick Manning, Chief Communications Officer, WRDSB

Citing parent concerns about internet security at school, the WRDSB has implemented a new system.  To access many popular social media sites, users must sign into a new signal and then they can gain access to sites like facebook, twitter or youtube.  But now some students says the terms of the new Wi-Fi could violate their privacy.  One student told The Record that the school gets access to her files and other documents on her phone.  The board has said their system is just like signing into Wi-Fi at a coffee shop or other public place.


10:30 AM: Wetlaufer update

GUEST:  Jeff Pickle, Morning Reporter



11:00 AM: OLG not filling the coffers

GUEST: Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk

The OLG is getting ready to open the first new casino in the province in many years and as the organization’s expansion proceeds there is now criticism that the promised OLG funding to the provincial coffers is lacking.  OLG is now projecting its growth will add an extra $889 million annually to government coffers by 2021-22. That’s a 30 per cent decrease and a four-year delay from its original projections. The auditor general says there is some risk with these new projections


11:30 AM: Pure (Show)

GUEST:  Marlene Epp, Dean, Professor, History and Peace & Conflict Studies

Conrad Grebel University College

University of Waterloo

CBC is gaining praise for its new show that debuted at the beginning of the month. “Pure” is about a southwestern Ontario Mennonite community with some members running a cocaine ring.  Reviews have been good but some critics say the portrayal of Mennonite communities is way off base and the public broadcaster has no business airing such a show.


12:00 PM: In Other News


12:30 PM: Guelph Psychic Fair

GUEST:  Charlotte Szivak

The Guelph Psychic Fair is on this weekend.  Charolotte Szivak joins the show and will take your questions.


1:00 PM:Morning Recap


1:30 PM:The Coaches Show