• dan kellar says:

    i find the heartlessness of many of the posters on this site to be saddening, and reflects poorly on our region.

    the call the cops were responding to was a man in distress, a man needing help. what that man got was a poorly trained young cop armed with a gun, who thuggishly shot instead of retreating and deescalating.

    in terms of your red herring, many of the people there left work to attend the demonstration as they find it an outrage that the cops shot dead a man in distress rather than deescalate the situation. that the cops name is still a secret while he is back on the streets is unacceptable.

  • Paul Robertson says:

    I wish I could have been at the protest to show my support for the WRPS. Unfortunately I work and contribute to society, so I didn’t have time. Maybe if the held it at 9:15 in the evening,,,,,,

  • Henry says:

    I’m still waiting to hear the history of this kid and why do people think there is not going to be justice served in this case. It’s being investigated so why the protest for something that has not happened yet. Maybe these “protesters” have their own agenda to get their faces in the news. I don’t agree with the killing but if the kid wasn’t standing outside holding a weapon he wouldn’t have been shot. Where were all his “friends” then?

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